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The 5 C's

The Five C’s of CreatableMe

Here at CreatableMe, we believe these five core concepts are the key to a better life for all. These are considered “soft skills” – personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Essential traits such as etiquette, communication, and listening, which help you to be better in social settings, to be a good student or employee, and ultimately get along better in the world. — Opposed to “Hard Skills” – teachable and measurable abilities, such as reading, writing, math, or the ability to use computer applications.

These skills are not only vital for the development of children but for the entire world to thrive. And these things are rarely being taught in the classroom.

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And for even more on what we stand for here at CreatableMe, please be sure to read the “About” and “Why Are We Here” pages.


Expand your heart, your mind, your world. Grow, evolve, explode into greatness. Spread your wings and fly high.


Create the very best version of you. Create your story, your identity, your future. You are the creator of your life.


Connect to that which matters most. Connect to your highest self, to your creativity, your tribe. You are connected.


Communicate clearly, listen actively, connect consciously, express fully, inspire peacefully, live happily, 


You are awesome! You are more powerful than you know. Be the greatest version of you. Be the hero of your life.

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