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What exactly is CreatableMe, and why are we here? The latter question can be explored more on our “why are we here” page. Here, we’re going to focus more on the former question; what CreatableMe is, who we are, and what our goal is as a company. At CreatableMe, our passion is inspiring and empowering you and your children, via fun, mindful, and creative courses, activities, and workshops. Why? To put it simply, we have found that these specific activities and focuses create happier, kinder, emotionally balanced, and overall positive people. We want more people like that in this world, don’t you?

Here at CreatableMe.com, you will find all types of “Conscious Creativity Content” to explore. Everything here is intended to give you all that is needed to live more mindfully, creatively, and joyfully in every area of your life. One of the most significant benefits of this is that you will also get to pass it on to your children. During this time, you will also be building a tighter bond with your children, founded on trust, communication, and expression. You will have the ability not only to understand more about yourself but also to get to know more about your children.

The intention behind CreatableMe wants to leave something better behind than what we’ve started with. As parents, we strive to improve our lives so our children will grow up better than we did. Here we teach the skills of consciousness, creativity, connection, communication, and character to you and your children in fun, entertaining, and inspiring ways. That is because research has shown that these key characteristics of conscious creativity or mindfulness help to create happier, balanced, healthier, and more positive people.

We believe everyone deserves to live a life full of peace, joy, creativity, confidence, and happiness. Our purpose is to help you and your children learn the necessary skills to achieve these desires and more.

Read Our Mission statement.

For more about what we stand for, check out the CreatableMe Pledge.

Learn about our founder and how CreatableMe came to be, by visiting the Founder’s Superpowers page.



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