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Guest Artist

Ali Sabet

Guest Artist

Ali Sabet

Blurring the lines between Art & Healing

Ali Sabet is an internationally renowned artist with gifts of healing. His work first served as a gateway to healing for himself, which lead him to his abilities to be able to help others, both with energy healing and his art. Learn more about Sabet’s work on www.sabet.art

Pixopop is the manifestation of love through the characters of award-winning designer and illustrator Ali Sabet. Born in Iran and raised in California, Ali founded Sabet Brands in 1999, a full service branding agency that to this day helps create some of the most powerful brands in the world. Ali has loved characters for as long as he can remember. They’ve inspired him, made him smile and sparked his imagination. He’s always dreamed of creating characters that would bring the same emotion and joy to the life of others. It took him 12 years of constant evolution to bring to life the characters that fulfill his purpose, and that today genuinely inspire a large and loyal audience. hwww.pixopop.com

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For more fun drawing lessons by Sabet, check out his Pixopop academy, a hyper kawaii Art School!

Hyper Kawii means Super Cute, just like you! Every week you’ll be able to sit with the creator of Pixopop and learn how to create characters, scenes, and more! You’ll use all your talents and imagination to create your own worlds of love and light!

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