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Free Mascot Paper Toys

Exclusive CreatableMe Mascots by Castleforte

These super fun paper toy models of our beloved CreatableMe mascots were designed by the Original American Paper Toy Designer, Castleforte. Also known for his wonderful paper toy books, Papertoy Monsters and Papertoy Glowbots, and for creating the World’s One and Only Paper Toy Social Network, NicePaperToys.com. 

We are super excited about these and we know you are going to have a blast making them yourself. So go ahead and download them right now!

Have fun and Happy Folding!

Click on images to download templates. 

Click HERE for more great paper toys to build and collect from Castleforte’s website.

Blank Templates

Feeling extra creative? Add your own custom artwork to blank character templates to make them your own.

Print, Design, Color, Cut, Fold, Glue and Play.

Color In Templates

Color inside the lines (or outside if you prefer) to create your own uniquely colored versions of pre-existing characters.

Print, Color, Cut, Fold, Glue and Play.

Illustrated Templates

Pre-designed fully illustrated character art from some of the best paper toy artists in the World.

Print, Cut, Fold, Glue and Play.

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