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What is Conscious Language?

Conscious communication
Keli Schoeffel

Keli Schoeffel

Child Behavioral Counselor / Mom

Behavioral Consultant and owner of Take A Break Behavioral Health Services, LLC. Also, a conscious mama, who is always looking for ways to share information and help individuals and families become more aware of themselves and the environment.
What is conscious language?
Conscious language are the words we use to manifest what we want. Yep that’s what I said. The words we use when we speak and thoughts that we think are energy that we send out into the world. We create what we want in our lives and probably more often what we don’t want in our lives with our thoughts and words. Most of the time we don’t give a second thought about the words we choose when we talk. Being conscious of the words we choose can actually help us to create what we want in our life, rather than want we don’t want. We want to be intentional with our thoughts, words, and feelings. The feeling is the most important thing in creating. Be clear and concise with what it is you want to create in your life. Many times people don’t know, so think about what you want in your life before creating it.

Don’t say things you don’t choose to happen

• I don’t want another bad relationship
• I want to be successful
• I wish I had more money
• You don’t listen
• I need a better job
• I need to lose weight
• My life is exhausting

The only thing we know for sure is that which we believe.



Instead, take ownership. Speak like you already have it, and already are.

• I will have a good relationship
• I am successful
• I will make more money
• You can be a better listener
• I’m going to get a better job
• I’m going to start exercising tomorrow
• I will take some time for myself

I should have been more intentional with my words

When I was pregnant I often would think about what I wanted my child to be like. I would say the same things over and over again in a mindful way, from the heart. I want my child to be loving, happy, full of joy and laughter and strong. Well, sure enough, that’s just what I got. My daughter is the most loving, happy, child that is extremely strong-willed. She gives me a tough time from just about anything you can think of….eating, brushing her teeth, getting dressed, etc..

Ok universe, when I said strong I meant emotionally well balanced, not a pushover, and can face challenges and not shy away from them. Oh, I wasn’t specific when I said strong. OK, I see how this works. Granted as she grows she will develop a strong sense of what I meant when I was meditating. My child will be “strong.” Not strong as in she is lifting heavy weights as a toddler. Strong as in a strong independent woman who stands up for what she believes in and is not a pushover



A story about creating something I do want

I was talking to my dad about what kind of car I wanted. I was very specific. I want a Mazda or a Jetta, gray, manual transmission, sunroof with heated seats and close to $10,000. I was looking at cars online and came across a gray Jetta, manual transmission, sunroof, heated seats, and it had been wrecked- minor body damage, so it was significantly less than what the original price was. As soon as I saw the car I knew I had to have it. I knew without a doubt that it was the car I wanted. I bought the car that week for a little less than $10 k. My dad asked, how did you do that?”

How did I do that? I was very clear about what I wanted. I pictured it in my mind. I was very detailed and specific about what I wanted. I didn’t have any doubts or talk try to talk myself out of it. I created what I wanted in words and in my mind then sent out that energy.


What do you want to create with your words?

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