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The bright side of covid-19
Keli Schoeffel

Keli Schoeffel

Child Behavioral Counselor / Mom

Behavioral Consultant and owner of Take A Break Behavioral Health Services, LLC. Also, a conscious mama, who is always looking for ways to share information and help individuals and families become more aware of themselves and the environment.

Is there a bright side amongst the madness? If so, how can we find the positivity in all of this? Humanity seems to be struggling. During a time of crisis is when people come together. When September 11th happened, people of the United States came together. When shootings happen, the community comes together. One elder spoke of how certain places on Earth transmute the negative energy when a tragedy or crisis happens. The energy that occurs afterward and the coming together of a community is the energy force that transforms the situation. When society engages in acts of kindness, compassion, and love, it goes out into the world exponentially and out ways the negative energy associated with a crisis or tragedy. 


Do you remember learning about the law of thermodynamics in science class? Me neither.

The first law states energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only transform. That means everything is energy. Our thoughts, feelings, actions, a tree, a table, a ball. We are able to move energy and transform energy. We feel energy but can’t see it. You can see people’s energy through there behaviors and responses. The cranky clerk at the grocery store may be having a bad day and gives off a bad “vibe.” The waitress at the restaurant was really friendly and gave off a “good vibe.” It rubs off on people. When someone smiles at you or says a kind word, it gets passed on.


 We are all energy. What type of energy to you put out? Love, Fear, Kindness, Compassion, Worry, Hate? Love and Fear are the two most powerful energies in the world. Anxiety, worry, and depression all stem from fear. Compassion, kindness, and joy are all energies related to Love. Take a look at the chart below. Dr. David R. Hawkins, the author of Power vs. Force, created a “Map of Consciousness,” which depicts the different energy fields of consciousness and the vibrational levels in which we live. Our consciousness levels are determined by our emotions, perceptions, attitudes, worldviews, and spiritual beliefs. The map ranges from 20 – 1000, and he says that the collective level of consciousness is currently at 207. Where are you? How can you raise your vibration? 



Here are 15 ways to raise your vibration.

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44 ways to raise your vibrational frequency!


1. Practice Self-Love – Love yourself no matter where you are on your journey.

 2. Choose Happiness as often as possible.

 3. Live in the Present – Remember to live in the moment, not your past or future.

 4. Love – Live with your heart open in life.

 5. Non-attachment to Thoughts – Be the witness to your thoughts, good or bad – don’t get sucked in.

 6. Be conscious of your Emotions – Allow them to pass through, don’t feed the negative.

 7. Focus on the Positive day today – Don’t become negative – shift your focus.

 8. Start Believing – Open yourself to possibilities.

 9. Clear away Mental & Emotional clutter – Don’t allow your past to sabotage today. 

 10. Honor yourself & your choices – Always choose that which makes you stronger in life.

 11. Practice Gratitude – Be thankful for what you have now.

 12. Give – Without anything in return.

 13. Be Kind & Compassionate – Always choose the higher vibration.

 14. Embrace Forgiveness – Let go through forgiveness, see #9.

 15. Connect to something Higher – Stay connected, grounded and guided.


Are you a worrier? The news tends to be fear-based and sometimes referred to as fear-mongering. There is a lot of fear surrounding this Pandemic. It has affected people on every continent and will likely change the world. How do you see your world afterward? How will you contribute? 

What types of things can you to raise your vibration and contribute to a more positive energy and outlook during this time? Meditation is a way to quiet the mind, also referred to as the ego or the personality, 

and be in the present moment instead of worrying about what will happen in the future or lingering about actions or thoughts in the past. Meditation helps to decrease anxiety and depression. It helps to heal our energy field around us (the invisible energy field) called the Aura. 

So, where do we fall in? How do we make a change? Be as positive as possible in this situation. Yes, there is a serious epidemic across the Earth. Follow the safety regulations to keep yourself safe and others. While we are in a type of isolation, it’s a good time to reconnect with family, friends and take time for yourself. Try something new. Get creative. Visit CreatableMe for Conscious, Creative Content, and keep your eye out for our Creativity Courses coming soon. Is there any hobby or project you’ve always wanted to do or try. Things like Yoga, meditation, walking in the woods, doing a puzzle with the family, crossword puzzles to give your brain muscles a workout can be a healthy way to maintain your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Read a book that you’ve always wanted to read. My daughter loves cosmic kids on YouTube. It helps to calm her high pent up energy. It’s a fun series about mindfulness for kids. Jaime makes mindfulness relevant for kids, helping them develop an awareness of their emotions and sharing techniques for self-regulation and pairs yoga with a story or movie with great visuals and effects. https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga 

In conclusion, be aware of how what’s going on around how it affects you. Raise your vibration. Make a choice to send out good vibes. Say a prayer or mantra daily. 

Listening to the news constantly is low vibrational. It will start to affect your energy. Please find something creative to engage your energy, spend time with family and be present, put away the devices for a while. Have family time. Take care of yourself. Show yourself self love and send out love to your family, friends, community, and world. Be safe. Much love. We will be the ones to create what happens next.

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